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ISO 27001 registration

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Our company has applied the industry standard ISO/IEC:27001/JIS Q 27001 in both the Osaka and Tokyo Head Office of our Heritage Service Division and since April 9, 2008. (Registration Number: IS 578226)
Throughout the planning and production of our clients’ corporate history publications, we keep strict regulation of the information on they have entrusted to us.

information on our ISO registration

Division Name Tokyo Head Office: Heritage Service Division
Osaka Head Office: Heritage Service Division
Current Location Tokyo Head Office:
2-20-2 2nd Floor Wakayagi Building, Kanda, Jimbochou, Chiyoda District, Tokyo
Osaka Head Office:
3-4-30 Senba Grand Building, 8th floor, Kyutaromachi, Chuou District, Osaka
Scope of Registration Information regarding the publication of non-corporate history items and items to be included with the corporate history.
(Legal statement on information security: 3rd edition revised March 4, 2008)
Related Division 1. Tokyo Head Office: Heritage Service Division
(2-20-2 Wakayagi Building, 2nd floor, Kanda, Jimbochou, Chiyoda district, Tokyo)
2. Osaka Head Office: Heritage Service Division
(3-4-30 Senba Grand Building, 8th floor, Kyutaromachi, Chuou District, Osaka)
3. IT Division
(2-20-2 Wakayagi Building, 2nd floor, Kanda, Jimbochou, Chiyoda district, Tokyo)
Registration Number IS 578226
Registration Date April 9, 2008
Registration Agency BSI Group Japan K.K.
Registration documents

Underlying principles of information security

Our Heritage Service Division (hereafter referred to as the HS division) is a pillar of the Shuppan Bunka Sha and the center of the planning and producing of our corporate history publications. The HS Division carries out an important role in business and society—the inheritance of corporate history. Hence, the enforcement of strict protection measures for information relating to our customers is more than just our responsibility, it is our calling in society. The specification of techniques and corporate manuals used in the Heritage Service Division will be a valuable basic resource for Shuppan Bunka Sha in the future. To consistently offer high-quality services, the following will be strictly applied.

1. Construct a general philosophy and strategy for our information security policy, beginning with the ISMS framework.

2. Be highly attentive to corporate and legal requirements and security obligations listed on all contracts.

3. Implement ISMS protocol and assess necessary work environment and risk management strategies for its maintenance.

4. Evaluate implementation standards and construct risk assessment policies.

Performance Guidelines

1. The President shall clearly demonstrate the ISMS manual’s principles, and shall set in motion ISMS strategies.

2. All employees and participating organizations shall observe and abide by information security procedures in order to uphold the principles of information security management.

3. All employees and participating parties shall observe all legal requirements and contract conditions relating to information security.

4. The company and all employees (permanent and contract staff) are to plan for the education and training of the technical aspects of information security and how to raise general awareness so that we can safely and successfully handle information now and in the future.

5. In the environment of international property rights within the ISMS framework, systems and procedures need to be installed and maintained in order to communicate changes in risk assessment techniques quickly.

6. Whenever there are weaknesses and risks in the policy that threat the intellectual property management system, we will determine the exact nature of the threat using appropriate risk assessment methods.

7. In observing the basic principles of information security and the body of regulation incorporated in ISMS, we will maintain continuous improvement in addition to regular reviews at the highest and most frequent possible level.

8. All employees and participating organizations will investigate, report, and provide answers on the breach or weak point (accidental or otherwise) when information has been or is suspected of having been leaked.

9. We will draw up, maintain, give regular training, and review the results of a business plan based on these values.

10. All employees (permanent and contract) will review their employment terms and conditions in addition to the company's ISMS policy. If there are any ill-intended actions that threatens the privacy of our company, customers, or participating organizations, these will be disciplined according to our company guidelines as well as the Japanese law.

june 1st 2007 Atsushi Asada Executive President Shuppan Bunka Sha Corporation


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