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Corporate Ethos

Our Values (Why We Work)
1 Acting for the Greater Good—By acting in the interest of the company rather than of ourselves, we will create a company we can all be proud of.
2 The Three Values: Sincerity, Passion, and Creativity—These make the impossible, possible.
3 Pleasing, Gratifying, and Prospering—We aim to achieve these for our customers, employees, and our company.
4 A Constant Interest in Human Affairs—This is the source of our company's vitality.
5 Clear Communication—Through communication, we will contribute to the revitalization of society for its peace and progress.
6 6. Modesty, Love, and Heart—We will build our company with a modest heart. We will love our peers, work, company, and country and care for the earth.
Our Aim (The Company We Set Out to Be)
1 To engage in an independent accountability system for our managers.
2 To create a dynamic office environment through balancing the three values.
3 To create a lively, energetic, and healthy workplace as well as a trustworthy corporate structure.
4 To become a leading company through our progressive planning and ability to take action.
5 To develop a high level of trust between employees and managers through observance of management.
Management Principles
1 We will develop a more active customer relationship from the first meeting, where business planning initially occurs.
2 We will create management policies according to the “Human weakness Theory.”
3 We will not treat the company and its business as our own personal property.
4 We will always work to improve productivity and secure a reasonable profit.
5 We will maintain our entrepreneurial vitality, which originates from our personal growth. Our company will thrive through embracing change and innovation.
6 We will succeed through uniqueness, not though imitating others.
7 We will remember that our customers are our best teachers. When there is an aspect we lack experience in, we ask our customers. To learn from your customer is a basic skill for numerous businesses. However, customers change. In each case, we must modify our products and adapt our management to the new paradigm.
8 We will offer our services, our biggest duty to the client is to be courteous and allay their concerns.
9 We will always rely on our “total communication service” towards individuals and groups, and will engage each customer’s enthusiasm to invigorate their company.
10 Through our work, we will contribute to the development of our customers and suppliers.
11 Our business is defined by the quality and quantity of our talents. We must be able to recruit new talent and be kind and strict for their growth.
12 The most dire transgression a company can make is to disappoint a customer. The most dire transgression a manager can make is to disappoint an employee. The most dire transgression an employee can make is to cheat the company or to neglect their duties.
Our Conduct (How We Approach Our Work)
1 We will always put our consumer first, especially our customers and readers. We will also be considerate towards our peers and company.
2 No one can predict the future. Waiting for the future is not ideal, and we must create it with our heads, hands, and feet.
3 Always think forward and plan on improving your situation. Every company has its problems, but these are not something we should give up on. Instead, the resolution of these problems must become a source of motivation.
4 We must keep all relationships with customers and buyers on a professional level, and protect our company from conflicts of interest.
5 Through maintaining a large scope of planning and editing, we can develop new techniques to become a dynamic project company.
6 We will plan carefully and act boldly.
7 We will not run a business that only we understand. We always try to analyze our work from the perspective of a third party.
8 Executives and employees who go off on their own work tangent, remain idle or cheat the company are misplacing their trust, and could lead to poor management. These must remain outside the realm of our corporate culture.
9 We must derive the power of observation from practicing our sensitivity to others. This will become the basis for our company’s advancement.
10 We will maintain a clean work environment by practicing organization.
11 We must develop the ability to communicate and constantly improve upon it as a professional in this industry.
12 What drives us to work hard? It is our customers, our peers, our peers’ families, our company, our successors both in our company and in the industry, and finally, the hope to leave behind a better company and society for the next generation.
Our Employee Philosophy (Our Core Beliefs behind Everyday Tasks)
1 We do not fear change. We will not be constrained by the conventional thoughts and practices of society and the business world.
2 We will create a lively, free-spirited corporate image.
3 We promise to offer extraordinary customer service.
4 We will always devote time to study and will not let the knowledge we derive go to waste.
5 We will enjoy helping others and will work to build honest relationships.
6 We will only welcome credit we have earned.
7 We are a group of pioneers. We will always remember our passion for self-development and success.
8 We will train our employees as a part of business advancement opportunities.
9 We all have to common goal to find happiness. This will come from mutual trust, respect, and love for our fellow man. We must thus trust, respect, and love ourselves first.
10 We will have the courage to question our principles and decisions. We can achieve enlightenment by a regular reflection of this.
11 We will not forget to be thankful for our customers and each other.
12 We will serve with a pure heart, kind words, and an honest attitude.


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