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The Shuppan Bunka Sha Corporation shall Respectfully uphold the laws regarding the protection of individual private information. When we refer to private information we mean your name, birthdate, adress or any other information that could identify you (This includes any information that could easily be checked to varify your identity)。

March 31th,2005

Principles of personal information protection at Shuppan Bunka Sha Corporation

The company, acknowledging the importance of personal information, complies with the policies written below

1. The handling of information relating the individual curstomer (hereafter personal information) will be appropriately regulated through the policies and structure of the company .

2. When collecting information from a customer we will be clear on the purpose of collecting such information, and furthermore we will not collect information over and above that which is necessary to serve the customer's interest

3. The company shall not disclose or offer to disclose the range of purposes for which we use the customer's information to third parties, nor shall we disclose any management methods or circumstances relating to this information to any third parties.

4. Our Company will take appropriate measures to protect the client's personal information, and will put in place appropriate measures to prevent its loss, destruction, misuse, or the leaking of falsified information.

5. When the company entrusts a third party with personal information we will enter into contracts implementing appropriate protections of that information

6. Where our company is entrusted to retain personal information we will ensure its protection through the enforcement of rigid contracts covering the range of information we retain

7.If the customer wishes to confirm or edit the range of information we have on them they can do so by contacting the approriate department of the company.

8. Whenever the company retains personal information we will act in full accordance with law and ethical norms, with the points made above and furthermore the company will maintain and improve our protection systems.

Atshushi Asada Executive President Shuppan Bunka Sha Corporation

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