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Message from the President

Atsushi Asada Executive President
The Challenges of that Which We Can and Cannot Change

There have been many changes involving the proliferation of digital content and the strengthening of competition within the publishing industry, and we have yet to see its downfall. In every generation, readers wish to reach out to new ideas, engage new points of view, and thirst for new information. This quest for new subjects is the only constant from generation to generation.

"Which we can and cannot change"—Basho Matsuo gave birth to these words as his observation of an ever-changing world. Courage is required in order to hold one's ground against the unstoppable and ride the trend. In the continuation of these challenges, it is important that we seek growth.

Shuppan Bunka Sha was founded in 1984 with the objective to plan, edit, and sell books. Back then, the transition from paper to digital publishings was in trend, and we were required to revolutionize out techniques and skills. The same needs still apply today..

About 4 billion years ago oceans and beaches first found form, and 2 billion years later amoebas were born. 1 billion years ago, the first microorganisms burst into life. Then, 530 million years ago, the oldest ancestor to humans (an eel-like fish known as Pikaia) was born, and they grew their inhabitance from oceans to rivers. Then finally, 360 million years ago, they made their way onto the shores. Some returned to the waters, some learned to fly, and mankind reached for the stars. Throughout our history, our ancestors have changed together with the Earth. The essence of all life forms is the thirst to evolve. The challenges we face today are what all life forms have endured for the past 4 billion years, and is embedded in our DNA.

Digital telecommunication networks permeate every layer and aspect of society today, and in doing so they are also permeating the business world and bringing us into the new era. We must evolve in today’s world just as our DNA has over the course of our history, and produce goods and services that will be in demand in the near future as we continue to grow our business.

My wish is that our company’s customers, suppliers, employees, and the society in which we operate can see and feel our gratitude as we thank their support and strive to create a company we can all be proud to say we were a part of.

Atsushi Asada Executive President  Shuppan Bunka Sha Corporation

President Profile

Atsushi Asada was born in Takatsuki, Osaka in 1957. He completed a master’s degree program at Aoyama Gakuin University and has earned certificates in societal researching (No. 018982), societal researching specialist (No. A-000297), and translating.
After working for publishing companies in Osaka and Tokyo, he established Shuppan Bunka Sha in February 1984. Two years later, in August 1986, he incorporated the company and Shuppan Bunka Sha Corp. was born. Asada has held seminars in corporate profile making for companies and organizations such as SMBC Consulting Co. Ltd., Asahi Culture Center, and The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He is also a member of the Business History Society of Japan, The Japan Society for Archival Science, The Japan Society for Business Succession, and the Business Archives Association. Additionally, Asada is currently enrolled at Seiwa Jyuku.

Since the foundation of Shuppan Bunka Sha, Asada has managed various stages in the company’s publication process. Beginning with the planning and publication of books and other mediums, he has also worked on the production of corporate profiles and commemorative works as well as works that crossover from Japan to the U.S., China, and India. When he has time outside of managing his own company, Asada researches the “Management Style and Philosophy of Long-Term Running Corporations.”
Asada is also currently enrolled as a visiting researcher at the Aoyama Gakuin General Research Facility.

Published by Shuppan Bunka Sha: How to Make a Corporate Profile to Invigorate Your Company (2000), Luri & Kulara (2008), The Road to Becoming a Successful Long-Term Running Company (2013)

Publish Books at Your Own Publishing Company (Collaboration Publishing 2010) Collaboration in Publishing and Selling; How to Make a Corporate Profile That Brings Success (2011 SMBC Consulting Business Practice Series)



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